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10 Brilliant Socks To Gift Boyfriends This Christmas

Tired of spending hours searching for the perfect gift for your boyfriend? You’re in luck, fun socks are always win around the holidays! No matter what he’s into - music, food, sports, gaming, we've got all the categories covered. Our unique designs and witty sayings make these socks stand out from the crowd. Check out this list of our top picks for gifting to boyfriends.


I'd Rather Be Gaming Socks

These funky socks are a tribute to the roots of gaming! The colorful design features both vintage and modern controllers, joysticks and hand-held consoles that all gamers will appreciate. It's the perfect gift for any boyfriend who loves playing video games.


lavley beer socks

Bring Me Beer Socks

If you’re boyfriend loves coming home after a long day at work, kicking up his feet and cracking open a cold one, then he’ll certainly appreciate these funny beer socks! He’ll even get a kick out of the hidden message on the bottom: “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Beer.” Just be sure to come prepared with a pack of his favorite beer! Or, if beer isn’t his drink of choice, perhaps these whiskey socks will suit him better.



Chill As A Dill Pickle Socks

Pickle addicts and anyone with a good sense of humor love these funny food socks! The design features original art featuring a cool pickle dude, along with a hidden message near the toe: “Chill As A Dill”. These pickle socks make a super fun gift for pickle lovers, foodies and generally chill folks!



Sports Socks

He'd rather be watching…let’s face it…any sports game! Whether it’s football, basketball, soccer, baseball or racing, we’ve got a pair of socks every sports buff can enjoy. Just be sure not to block the game when you’re gifting them ;)



Food Socks

If you’re man loves to eat, then he’ll certainly find these funny food socks quite appealing. We’ve got something for everyone, bacon lovers, pizza lovers, taco lovers, you name it!



Rock Out Socks

These vibrant socks are perfect for any guy who loves to rock out! Whether he’s in a band or an avid concert goer, these socks are the perfect way to brighten his day.



Math Nerd Socks

Does your boyfriend struggle with math? If so, we’re positive he'll love these funny socks! The nerdy design features a black and green chalkboard filled with formulas, graphs and equations. Plus, there's a secret hidden message on the bottom of the socks: “5 out of 4 People Struggle With Math.”



Binary Code Socks

Show your man some appreciation for his nerdy side with a gift he’ll love and use frequently! These fun socks feature a sharp pattern of binary digits in old school green and grey, inspired by retro computers. It’s the perfect gift idea for computer geeks, gamers, programmers and technology lovers.



420 Weed Socks

Keep it chill by gifting him a pair of these hilarious 420 socks. He’ll get a nice buzz out of the secret message on the bottom, which reads: “I’m Not as Think as You Stoned I Am.” It’s the perfect gift for 420 aficionados.



Music Snob Socks

Is your boyfriend a huge music or vinyl snob? Let him show it off with these humorous socks. They feature a vibrant and stylish design that looks great at work or play.



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