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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30 in the Continental U.S.
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30 in the Continental U.S.


Want to Sell Lavley Products In Your Store?

Want to Sell Lavley Products In Your Store?

We'd love to hear from you! You can apply through our website. Registered retailers on Faire can also place orders with us through our Faire shop.


Customer Reviews

These socks were a gift and made our friend smile. He is a golfer and just had knee surgery. Perfect fun gift to keep his spirits up. I have purchased other Lavley fun socks for other go to purchase for a simple nice thing to give. Great selections too.


The socks are cute and make a good gift for book lovers. They are lightweight and comfortable. There was a problem with my order and the company was very responsive. They sent an immediate refund plus a new pair of socks! Excellent customer service is not always easy to find these days, so it is nice to see that it is still common practice with some companies.

M. King

I got these for a gift because the message on them was funny. I didn't hold out much hope for high quality construction. But these turned out to be nice and sturdy and very soft. The recipient really likes how they feel and the soles have grippy bits that make them safer on tile floors. Very happy with these socks.

Ben W.

Purchased these for myself, I thought they were cute. The socks fit nicely and have cute pig and bacon designs on the upper sock and the saying on the bottom. I feel like they are good quality and have washed well so far.

Denise W.

Bought these for my brother-in-law for Christmas, and my 11 year old nephew stole them for himself! The day after they received the package, I received a photo of my nephew lounging on the sofa, wearing the socks and wrapped up in the blanket I’d bought his mom. Little stinker! But at least I know they were well received and are being enjoyed. My nephew asked me a few days later where his tacos were... lol

C. Z. Kansas

Ordered the socks for a young book lover in the family. The order arrived on time as promised with no problem. They are nicely kept in a clear plastic to ensure no damage to the material. The colors of the socks are bold and enhance the beauty of the design. They are stretchy and soft, feeling great on the feet. Will order some more of these for myself and as other gifts in the future.