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men funny novelty whiskey socks gift

7 Best Stocking Stuffer Socks For Men In 2019

If you're looking for a unique and fun gift for a special man in your life this holiday season, you simply can't go wrong with a pair of Lavley socks! And who doesn't love socks, am I right?! Our socks are specifically designed to 'speak from the sole' with witty messages, so you can share a good laugh while gifting. We've rounded up our top picks and showcased them here.

We take pride in the quality of our socks! Made with a premium cotton blend, they feel soft and cozy but are also made to last for many years to come. The color will stay vivid and easy to read (even after multiple washes). These may be funny novelty socks but they don't feel cheap. You’ll be proud to give them this Christmas! Perfect for Christmas gifts, Secret Santa, White Elephant gift exchanges and stocking stuffers.

mens funny novelty whiskey socks

Whiskey Socks

These whiskey socks are NEAT! The design features whiskey glasses, bottles, snifters and cigars. Friends will get a laugh out of the hidden message on the bottom of the socks: "If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Whiskey.” Paired with a bottle of your choice, it's the perfect gift for the whiskey, scotch, bourbon or rye fan in your life!


mens funny stoner weed marijuana socks

420 Weed Socks

Weed like to introduce our colorful 420 socks! This funky design features pot leaves, joints, bongs and peace signs in rasta colors. Showcased on the bottom of the socks is a funny message written in non-slip ink: “I’m Not as Think as You Stoned I Am”.

A perfect gift for marijuana lovers, 420 aficionados, ganja gourmets and pot heads! Any occasion is a great excuse for comfy socks and a joint ;) 



Football Socks

It's game time! These socks are a score for football fans of all ages. Sporting a funny message on the bottom, “I’d Rather be Watching Football," these socks are sure to get a reaction at the game, the office and super bowl parties.

A perfect gift for NFL and college football fans, football players or coaches. Tackle this holiday with pride when you gift a Lavley sock!


mens funny novelty bacon socks

Bacon Socks

Give your man a taste of the good life when you bring home the bacon...socks. He's sure to find these socks quite humorous and thoughtful, especially if he loves bacon! The design features bacon and pigs with a funny message on the bottom, "If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon."


mens funny novelty nerd socks reading math science

Nerd Socks

Does your man love math, science or reading? Get him a gift that shows you support him geeking out 😉

Each of our nerd socks sports a funny message that is sure to make him laugh. We've cracked the formula and we're positive he'll love it!


mens funny novelty poker gambling socks

Poker Socks

Know a card shark? Show them you care with a pair of socks they’re sure to love! These fun socks are sure to bring good luck to any player, whether playing with friends for beers, or at a big money Las Vegas tournament. 

The design features playing cards, chips, hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades, along with a message at the cuff: “All In!” It's the perfect gift idea for the poker player or gamer in your life.



Racing Socks

These fun and comfortable socks featuring race cars and flags are sure to rev him up! The bottom of the socks sports a funny hidden message: “I’d Rather Be Watching Racing." Perfect for friends and family who love Nascar, F1, Indy Cars, Moto GP, or any race!



Like what you see?

We've got more fun sock designs to choose from. Check out our complete sock collection and maybe even add some to your wishlist!

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