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Best Gifts For Bacon Lovers Under $15

Best Gifts For Bacon Lovers Under $15

Lavley If you can read this bring me wine socks

Every year, the average American consumes about 18 pounds of bacon! Many people can’t resist the salty goodness of cured pork, so much so, that it’s become more than just a beloved breakfast food. Bacon lovers will go so far as to accessorize or decorate their homes with bacon themed items. But if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the bacon enthusiast in your life, you’ll find that there’s an overwhelming amount of bacon souvenirs on the market. So to make your life easier we rounded up the top 10 most trendy and affordable bacon gifts. From funny bacon socks to gourmet bacon candy bars, you simply can’t go wrong. And the best part - all these gifts are under fifteen dollars so you don’t have to worry about ‘bacon’ the bank!

lavley otter socks

Lavley Bacon Socks

These dress style socks are perfect for a friend or loved one with a playful personality who appreciates a good bacon joke! The design features bacon and pigs with a funny message printed on the bottom in non-slip ink: "If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Bacon." 


if you love me, bring me some chocolate socks

Midwest Bacon Jam

In a jam for what to get the bacon lover in your life? This company claims their savory bacon marmalade is the "best burger sauce in the midwest!" To know for sure, you'll have to try it yourself to find out, which means you'll need to get a jar for yourself and your friend ;)


Lavley Save the turtle socks

Archie McPhee BACON SOAP

If your friend finds the aroma of bacon simply irresistible, then they'll certainly get a kick out of this enticing hand soap. Just be sure to remind them it's not edible!


Lavley Unicorn Socks


We're obsessed with these adorable handmade “Bacon” stud earrings from Obsessories. They're the perfect gift for any friend who loves cutting edge fashion ;) Plus, they'd pair well with our Lavley Bacon Socks.


if you can read this bring me some wine socks

J&D's Foods Bacon Salt

Created by two bacon loving entrepreneurs, this seasoning salt goes great with just about everything and comes in three tasty flavors – Original, Hickory and Peppered. For those who simply can't have a meal without bacon, it's a great way to enjoy the  taste with less guilt!


lavley funny womens novelty ice cream socks

Fifty Shades of Bacon Book

This funny cookbook provides a tongue in cheek delivery of some great bacon recipes. Everything from basic bacon bits to bacon ice cream to bacon au gratin and alfredo. Did we just hear your stomach growl? It's the perfect present for the meat lover in your life! Available both in kindle and paperback.


Pink Fuzzy Coffee Socks

Silver Dollar Candle Co. Bacon and Bourbon Candle

Looking for a gift to spice up your partner's man cave? This scented candle hits the sweet spot with the delicious aroma of maple glazed sweet & smoky Bacon, expertly blended with the warming creamy vanilla aroma of a good Bourbon. 


Book Nerd Socks

Hammond's Pigs N' Taters Bacon and Potato Chips Chocolate Candy Bar

We're big fans of these flavorful chocolate bars. Hammond's has been making gourmet candy since 1920 so they certainly know a thing or two about creating quality chocolate!  Come Christmas time, this Pigs N' Taters candy bar is the perfect sized stocking stuffer for bacon enthusiasts. 


Book Nerd Socks

GOOD AS GOLD Maple Bacon Coffee Beans

Good as Gold boasts that their custom Air Roaster "produces coffee that is brighter in flavor and cleaner than traditional roasting methods." This family business has been around for 50 years, so they've had some time to perfect the flavors!



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