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10 Best Socks To Gift The Dad Who Has Everything

Struggling to find a gift for the man who already has everything? Most men are simple and don't expect much when it comes to getting gifts, however all men appreciate a good sense of humor. That's why you can't go wrong gifting your Dad a pair of funny, novelty socks that show just how well you know him!


Golf Socks

These socks are on par for any Dad who loves to hit the green. The design showcases a beautiful golfing scene with the message: 'I’d Rather Be Golfing.' He can proudly wear them at work, around the house or on the course, they are perfect for any occasion!


mens funny novelty whiskey socks

Beer Socks

After a long day at work or taking on projects around the house what Dad wouldn't enjoy taking a break, propping his feet up and cracking open a cold one? If this sounds like your pop, consider treating him to a pair of these fabulous beer socks!


mens funny novelty whiskey socks

Whiskey Socks

These whiskey socks make a neat gift for Dads and you can really impress him by gifting it with a bottle of his favorite whiskey. The design features whiskey glasses, bottles, snifters and cigars, while the bottom sports the message "If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Whiskey." Cheers! 


mens funny novelty dad socks

Cool Pop Socks

Do you have the world’s best pop or grand-pop?! Show him just how much you appreciate him with a pair of these funny Dad socks that proudly proclaim he’s the "Coolest Pop Ever". The unique design features colorful popsicles and a Dad who clearly loves to spoil his kid, because what Dad doesn’t? These novelty socks are a practical and fun gift he'll be sure treasure them for years to come!


mens funny novelty bacon socks

Bacon Socks

If you're Dad is a breakfast lover, it's time to bring home the bacon...socks! The design features bacon and pigs with a funny message on the bottom: 'If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon.' He's sure to find these socks quite humorous and thoughtful, especially if he loves bacon! 


mens funny novelty nerd socks reading math science

Grilling Socks

What Dad doesn't love grilling? Gift a pair of these for his birthday, Father's Day or Christmas and you’ll probably get a tasty meal in return, it's a win win!



Racing Socks

Rev up your Dad's spirits with these comfortable socks featuring race cars and racing flags. The bottom of the socks sports a funny hidden message: “I’d Rather Be Watching Racing." Perfect for any Dad who loves Nascar, F1, Indy Cars, Moto GP, or watching any race!


mens funny novelty poker gambling socks

Hunting Socks

If your Dad is an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, this may be the perfect gift for him! The socks feature a stylish pattern with deer, ducks, dogs, crosshairs, rifles and hunting knives in camouflage colors and blaze orange to really fire off the look. The bottom sports a fun message: 'I’d Rather Be Hunting.'



Football Socks

It's game time! These socks are quite a score for any Dad who loves watching football and the theme is universal so it doesn't matter what team he's cheering for. Get some laughs and make his day by gifting your Dad a pair of these fun novelty socks.



Fly Fishing Socks

These socks are quite a catch for any Dad who enjoys going on fishing trips. The design features a stylish geometric fishing flies pattern, while the cuff of the socks sport a funny message: 'I’d Rather be Fishing.' Whether your gifting for his birthday, Father's Day or Christmas, he's sure to be hooked right away!



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