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Inspirational Self-Watering Ceramic Indoor Planter Pot with Glass Vase (Large)

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Stop worrying about over-watering or under-watering your plants! This clever self-watering planter makes growing plants fun and easy. A felt strip placed through the center of the ceramic pot acts as a root to draw water up into the soil and clench the plants thirst. The planter can store enough water for a week or more. Simply refill the glass vase when water gets low. It’s the perfect vessel for growing succulents, herbs, flowers, ferns and other small house plants.

This self-watering pot is the perfect way to freshen up a dull space and add beauty to a home or office. It’s the ideal size to display on window sills, bookshelves, countertops, office desks or in other small spaces.

Package includes one ceramic container, one glass vase and two felt strips (one for back-up). Plants and soil not included.


1. Place the felt strip through the middle of the porcelain container so that only a small portion is sticking up through the top. This will act as a root to draw up water and quench the plant’s thirst.

2. Add a thin layer of soil to cover the end of the felt strip sticking through the pot.

3. Place your plant inside the ceramic pot and cover it with soil.

4. Pour about an inch of water inside the glass vase. You’ll want to leave some room for air between the water and the ceramic pot so that the plant roots are able to breathe.

5. Place the ceramic pot with plant inside the glass vase. If the water level is higher than the bottom of the ceramic pot, then simply pour a little out until there is some space between the water and bottom of the pot.

6. Enjoy watching your plants grow and thrive with minimal effort! Refill water as it gets low.

7. Periodically clean the glass vase with soap and water to keep the plant happy and healthy.